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Are you looking for music lessons in Grand Rapids? You want a school where the instructors are qualified and experienced, where lessons are structured so students can learn at their own pace? Well, look no further.


Allegro School of Music is a family-friendly music instructional studio in Grand Rapids that has been operating since 1992.  We are a division of Family Harmony, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote an appreciation of and participation in the arts in Grand Rapids. Best music lessons in Grand Rapids

Top Music Lessons in Grand Rapids

Our dedication to developing a love for music is our driving force so we tailor each lesson to match each student’s interest & abilities! 

Here at Allegro School of Music, we believe that everyone is a musician – some just more experienced and refined than others! 

We teach good practice habits and provide multiple performance opportunities, as well as incorporate music theory & history, listening, and composition into instruction.  We take students at all ability & experience levels, from those who are just beginning their musical journey all the way to highly-skilled musicians.  Our friendly, dedicated, experienced, and proven instructors will take time to listen and understand your needs in order to customize your learning experience.  If you are willing to make a commitment and put in the time and work, you will see results! Get best music lessons in Grand Rapids.

We have vast experience teaching young children all the way up to retirees. Our engaging and fun lessons provide the right atmosphere to bring out the best in each student.  Whether you want lessons on piano, violin, voice, guitar or a band or other orchestra instrument, we’ll get you a quality instructor that matches your schedule. 

Our lessons are tailored to each student and carefully crafted so students want to succeed. We take pride in cultivating an encouraging atmosphere that makes students want to come to lessons!  Our instructors love to share their passion for music, which spreads to their students who learn to grow and thrive in a friendly family environment.

Give us a call today and talk to our friendly and professional Director who will take time to listen and address all of your concerns.


Best Music Lessons in Grand Rapids


Start children at the right age.

We believe strongly in starting children on a particular instrument no sooner than the appropriate age.  In order for all of our students to be successful at playing an instrument, they need to be developmentally ready to play that instrument.  So that students begin with the right cognitive, emotional, and physical skills, students should be the following ages during the semester they begin instruction:  violin (6), piano (7), guitar (8), band & other orchestra instruments (4th grade), and voice (12).  For students younger than 12 interested in studying voice, we recommend singing in a choir such as our Aldersgate Jr. Choir.

Friendly and Professional Instructional Staff.

We have a dedicated team of friendly and experienced professional music teachers who will help you to achieve your musical goals.  Our dedicated instructors take time to listen and understand your needs and tailor your lessons to meet those needs. All of our instructors have college music degrees and extensive performance and teaching experience.

Schedule multiple students at one location.

To save you time and resources, we offer lessons on multiple instruments at both of our locations. Quite often we are able to schedule private lessons for multiple students from the same family at the same or similar times.  Contact us today so our friendly and experienced staff can reserve the best available time slots for your family before another family takes them!

Experienced Administrative Staff.

Rick Wiltse, Director of Programming  has been with Allegro since 2009 and is responsible for overseeing all operations of the School of Music, as well as teaching some of our instrumental private lessons and piano and choral classes.  Prior to his arrival at Allegro, he taught instrumental and general music for 15 years in a variety of Michigan public schools.  He is a native of Rockford and has a BM from Alma College and a MM from Western Michigan University.  Now living in Wyoming, he is an avid trombonist, vocalist, handbell player, pianist, and bassist, having performed with and/or led numerous bands, orchestras, handbell choirs, and choral groups throughout his career. 

Lyn Jameyson, Board Trustee is the Founder of Allegro School of Music, having begun to work for its predecessor in 2001.  In 2003 she acquired the business and soon renamed it to its current moniker, in the process greatly expanding the scope of the school.  In 2011 she completed the process of transforming the business into a non-profit organization.  She has worked tirelessly over the years, serving as Executive Director and Board Trustee, teaching Music & Movement and choral classes, and securing a partnership with Head Start of Kent County.  She has a degree from Western Michigan University and currently resides in Grand Rapids with her two children.  She has a wide variety of musical experience, and is proficient on piano, voice, handbells, flute, and violin.  She especially enjoys composing and arranging her own music, as well as performing as an ensemble and solo vocalist.

Vast Experience in Teaching Private Lessons.

Allegro School of Music has been in operation since 1992 where we’ve helped thousands of students to achieve their musical goals.  All of our staff have strong music teaching credentials and have a passion to see their students succeed in music. Our instructors are always looking for ways to improve their teaching and thus engage in regular professional development so that they can continually better serve their students.

No Age Limit.

Although we primarily work with children & teenagers, we also welcome adult students of all ages!  At Allegro School of Music, we believe that everyone can learn to make music and that it is never too late in life to get started.  Our staff will help you set realistic goals and if you are willing to put in the time & effort, you will reach these goals!




Do you want to give your child a great start in music? Are you an adult who learned a little piano growing up but now would like to get back to it? Learning to play the piano is a proven great way to develop musicianship in players both young and old. Our experienced instructors teach students to read music, while emphasizing development of proper technique and expressive, musical playing. Knowledge gained from piano study transfers very well to learning of other instruments.

Guitar/Bass Guitar.

Are you a retiree who wants to learn how to play the guitar? Or are you a parent who would like to enroll your child in guitar lessons? Get in touch with Allegro School of Music today and we’ll bring out that inner musician!

The creative, disciplined, and harmonious relationship between you and our experienced guitar instructors will ensure you achieve your goals.  Whatever styles of guitar playing interest you most, our knowledgeable instructors will help you learn melodies and cords on electric or acoustic guitar, and also develop music reading skills.

guitar music


Allegro School of Music violin instructors are among the best in Grand Rapids. During your private lessons, our instructors will focus on developing skills and creating a disciplined environment which will make learning fun and fulfilling. Whether you are a child or an adult, you’ll enjoy our customized violin lessons in our safe and friendly locations.  Other strings may also be available.

violin music

Band Instruments.

Allegro School of Music has instructors with experience and expertise teaching a wide variety of band instruments. Brass instruments include trumpet/cornet, French horn, trombone, baritone/euphonium, and tuba. Woodwinds include flute, clarinet, and saxophone. We also offer percussion instruction, with an emphasis on snare drum and drum set. Whether you currently play in an ensemble or not, contact us today to set up your best learning situation!


Best Music Lessons in Grand Rapids

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Call us now and arrange for your free, no-obligation informational interview.  We’ll arrange for our Director and instructor to have an this interview with the prospective student and a parent or legal guardian or other responsible adult (if the prospective student is not an adult).  Our Director will give you all the information you need to get started with lessons and our instructor will give the student a free mini-lesson so you can see if there is a match.Get best music lessons in Grand Rapids

Best music lessons

Performance Opportunities.

At Allegro School of Music we believe that success in learning a musical instrument goes hand-in-hand with having successful performance experiences.  Because of this we offer a variety of opportunities to perform in various settings for different types of audiences. Students who feel good about their performances want to practice more and have further performances, so the cycle feeds on itself! 


Many parents find that classes are a more affordable way to test the interest and ability of their children before committing to private lessons. And some students learn better in a group setting for the initial stages.  Periodically Allegro School of Music offers introductory classes on piano, violin, or guitar generally for elementary-aged children either at one of our studios or an off-site location. Contact us today to see what we currently have available!

Introduction to Violin

Learn the basics of playing violin by practicing careful instrument care and utilizing proper practicing techniques. This class will focus on promoting a fun and encouraging learning environment with peers as students learn to play with a beautiful tone and develop their ears. Students will receive a book and an assignment binder, but must provide their own violin and shoulder rest. The final class will be a presentation to friends and family to show their growth from the beginning of the class to the end.

Introduction to Guitar

Learn the basics of playing the guitar in a fun group setting. Hand position, chording, melodies, note-reading, tabs and more will be covered. Students will receive a guitar book and assignment binder, but must provide own guitar.

Introduction to Piano

This fun introduction to playing the piano balances keyboard time with learning basic music theory, improving overall musicianship and encouraging the learning process. Students must have access to a full-sized keyboard or piano at home for practice and are encouraged to bring their keyboards to class. Students will receive a piano book, practice CD and assignment binder. In addition, students who do not bring their own keyboard to class will have access to a keyboard or piano during class.

In addition, we are offering piano, violin & guitar classes through


Aldersgate Junior Choir

Offered in collaboration with Aldersgate United Methodist Church Kids Club, this performing ensemble is for children grades K-6.  The Choir serves as the church’s children’s choir and participates in worship approximately once a month throughout the school year.  Rehearsals for 2019-2020 are Thursdays (6-6:45 PM) at our Main Studio and begin Oct. 10, concluding in April. We use a fantastic curriculum called “Growing in Grace” and our theme for 2019-20 is “Champions of Faith.”  Participants get a rounded musical experience that goes well beyond just singing and includes movement and playing instruments such as hand chimes and small percussion instruments. Join anytime, so contact us now! Read our blog.

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